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Innovative projects developed for and inspired by "real" people, demonstrating the importance of physical activity as a "habit for life". In all walks of life we make a difference. Don't be afraid; the future is bright, we bring todays technology into YOUR education, health and entertainment.

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The "Hope Valley Fringe"celebrating the strength and diversity of your local community. Art, Music, Science, Literature and everything in between!

PopUp Fringe 2, Hathersage Hall Business Centre, Main Road, Hathersage, Hope Valley,Thursday, 29th November 2018

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Heartbeat - at the centre of the country's health. This mobile App engine drives healthy competition across cities, regions and countries and brings the practical benefits of the newest technologies into everyday life.

It is already demonstrating how TV and the Internet can collaborate in a meaningful way to improve the health and well-being of the Nation.



It's Time to bring blogging up to date. Time to learn more from what you read, Time to make new friends and share your experiences. All possible on the new 7th Wave blogging platform; simple and clean; giving you time to express yourself and build a loyal following for your blogs.

Behind 7th Wave is an "automatic, intelligent, linking algorithm", some people call it disruptive technology, we call it progress.



Planet Xoolon, a unique and revolutionary sports portal designed to improve primary and secondary schoolchildren’s sporting prowess and lead to better targeted teaching.

Physical education staff use Planet Xoolon to evaluate pupils’ key mental and physical strengths; the system pinpoints those sports most suited to individuals and highlights gifted & talented and special needs students.



The Microgen Database is a public-industry-academic collaboration providing solar photovoltaic (PV) performance data from across the UK.

Developed for the University of Sheffield, the site reports back from volunteers' systems, collecting data on the PV performance in the context of others in an geographical area and across the country.

Our Work Process

We take pride in each of the projects we undertake for our clients and work really hard to achieve the level of satisfaction and quality your customers should expect from your business. In order to achieve our goals we know the questions to ask, the information we need to gather, what should and should not be included within the shared brief and a keen understanding of our core markets.

Different Stages


Discussing your needs

Together we go through what you are looking for within the project and how it will work best for yourself and your customers. Confirm features and social requirements.


Realising the project

We take the requirements from our discussion, content and artwork you already have and then we blend that with our know-how.


Reviewing the project

Before your brand new app is launched into the store, or website published, you get to see how it all comes together - in case you have any last minute tweaks.


Project goes live

We launch your app directly into the Apple iOS App Store, Google Play Store and publish your website onto your chosen domain.

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